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Cannindah Resources Limited is an ASX-listed (ASX:CAE) Queensland, Australia-based exploration and resource development company. We are focused on copper and gold mineral exploration, evaluation, and progressing various mineral projects.

Cannindah’s goal is to preserve shareholder wealth and grow the value of the flagship asset with prudent exploration methods. Our focus is to progress further exploration work at the Mount Cannindah Project and review the possible strategies for the Piccadilly Project.

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Our mining operations are underpinned by a commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable practices.

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At Cannindah Resources Ltd we are continually reviewing our strategies to ensure we're on the cusp of new technology and innovation.

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Our board of directors possess a wide range of experience in the management of exploration projects across Australia.

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We maintain a strong focus on copper and gold mineral exploration, evaluation, and progressing mineral projects in Australia.

Key Milestones and company evolution

By reaching key milestones we continue to evolve and grow to support shareholder wealth and project exploration.

  • 2020

    Company Acquisition

    Acquisition of 100% of PGMH

  • 2017

    Piccadilly Agreement

    Agreement with Piccadilly Gold Mine Holdings Limited (PGMH) to explore and mine at the Piccadilly project

  • 2014

    Change of Name

    Change of name to Cannindah Resources Limited (ASX:CAE)

  • 2013

    Appointment of Executive Chairman

    Tom Pickett joins the board and later becomes executive chairman.

  • 2011

    Project Sale

    Sale of Wolfram Camp project.

  • 2009

    Change of Name

    Change of name to Planet Metals Limited.

  • 2005

    Incorporated and Listed

    Originally incorporated and listed as Queensland Ores Limited to explore and develop the Mt Cannindah and Wolfram Camp projects.

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